Cassie Watter is a most caring and loving mother who has always put the children's needs above her own. Cassie is a model mum who shows Isabella and Bronte many interests, plays games with them, reads to them, teaches them the social graces needed in society, teaches them to care for animals, grow plants from seed/seedling and water them so that they grow. We have found Cassie to be a very special Mum.
In the short time that I have known Cassie Watter I have found her to be hard working, very caring towards others and willing to help anyone in need. I believe that these traits align closely with her commitment to being a mother of the two daughters whom she loves very much.
I first met Cassie Watter two or three years ago on a visit to Townsville, when I was impressed by her level-headed approach to very distressing personal circumstances, putting the needs of her children far above her own. In further meetings she has demonstrated genuine empathy, kindness and concern for others, while continuing to show deep commitment to the welfare of her daughters.
I met Cassie Watter about 2 years ago. My first impression was of her calmness and practical good sense. She could do all sorts of things relating to renovations and gardening which were just some of her many interests and skills. Cassie is the kind of person you would trust to come into your home unaccompanied: yes it's about her integrity. In fact Cassie is too much like that for her own good. I say that because other people struggle to believe someone could be so high minded in her circumstances. But I understand why and how she can manage that: we share a strong faith in God. And when you have been to hell and back, it really matters to be true to that which keeps you safe and hopeful.
Cassie Watter has always impressed me as a person whose resilience is obvious and she has always been completely devoted to achieving the best interests of her children. I admire not only her resilience but as well her courage, integrity and commitment to truth and justice.
I met Catherine (Cassie) Watter in her capacity as carer for a person with a disability. As a social worker, I am accustomed to make assessments of people and Ms Watter made a strong immediate impression on me as an honest person of integrity. Her uppermost concern was the well-being of her daughters. She struck me as a caring and loving Mother.
Cassie Watter is a loving, caring and protective mum, who puts the needs of others above herself. Cassie is the sanest person I know even through all the adversity that she has suffered. Cassie values family above all else and is a fantastic mum. Her integrity, genuine caring and empathy for others are truly amazing to see. Cassie has a huge heart and is the first to help when others are in need. All of the qualities displayed by Cassie make and define Cassie as the beautiful person I know and admire.
I have known Cassie Watter for approximately a year and a half. I know Cassie as a person who holds high values of personal integrity and compassion, and believe that these qualities lead her in her care of her children. I believe she puts her life in its totality, into the care, protection and well-being of her children. She is community spirited, a good friend, and someone I have learned from in her example of courage in the face of adversity. I wish her very well.
Highly intelligent, loving, caring, creative, hardworking, willing to go the extra mile, protective of family and friends, resilient and, above all, essentially sane - these are the qualities which characterise the Cassie I know. Her capacity for empathy is outstanding, and her ability to heal from adversity and to rise above it is astonishing. I've learnt a lot about life and survival from Cassie.
Pat and Ridley Plaisted, family friends, July 2014
Giovanna Tama, Social Worker, July 2014
Liz Hamilton, Retired primary school teacher, July 2014
Jenny Stirling, Social worker; trainee deacon in Anglican Church; mother of four, July 2014
Madge Sceriha, retired social worker, July 2014
Jane Thomson, Social worker, July 2014
Mark Dunstan, Committed father, Social Worker, and Treasurer, Family Inclusion Network Queensland (Townsville) Inc., July 2014
Kylie Bennett, Social work student, Family Inclusion Network committee member, July 2014
Ros Thorpe, retired Social Work academic and President, Family Inclusion Network Queensland (Townsville) Inc., July 2014
Cassie Watter is a highly talented and intelligent woman. What stands out the most for me is Cassie’s enormous courage. She has stood firm and stayed grounded throughout a very trying and stressful stage of her life. She has demonstrated great strength of character and ongoing resilience.
Heather Bond, social worker, July 2014
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I have known Cassie since the day she was born. It has been a delight to watch her grow into the absolutely amazing woman she has become. She has tirelessly worked to make her community a better place, as testified by the many certificates of appreciation she has received. She is the most wonderful mum spending lots of quality time with her girls Bronte and Isabella. She has been their teacher as well as mum showing them how to grow things, how to look after their pets and given them the skills to live in harmony with the community around them. I don't think I know of a better mum. I am very proud to call her my niece and I pray for her and her beautiful girls every day.

Aunty Jenny Sawyers, July 2014
I am grateful to be able to publically acknowledge the attributes I came to know and appreciate in Cassie over the past couple of years. Cassie is a woman who displays loyalty, generosity, intelligence, courage and above all, a deep, deep well of love for her children. One day the full story will be able to be heard.
Beth Tinning, Social Worker, July 2014
I have had the privilege to get to know Cassie through my friendship with Cassie's parents. They are wonderful people who are good role models and have managed to bring their daughter up to be a respectable loving mother. Everyone is entitled to their opinion; I am just stating that I think Cassie is a kind natured person who would help anyone at any time.
Barb Milner, family friend, July 2014
I may not be as close to Cassie as other people but my experience of Cassie is a woman who loves her kids and would do anything to protect them. Not only that, through her experiences, she has been fighting for the rights of other people in similar circumstances. She has, despite some terrible ordeals, been endlessly positive and resilient.
G OBrian, friend, July 2014
In the time that I have known Cassie Watter, I have observed her to consistently be the person described in other comments on this website from a wide range of people who support mainstream community values. I have observed her to consistently act in what she believes to be the paramount best interests of her children. I observed a very committed and protective mother. The public comments that I have read on this web site support Cassie as a mother, and as a person of value.
Frank Reilly, Social Worker and FIN tsv volunteer worker, July 2014
We have witnessed Cassie Watter with her girls many times since the girls were born. Cassie is a very caring and loving mother and goes to great lengths for her girls with nothing less than devotion. We have seen her prepare games for the three of them to play together and always consistently interacts with her children with love and care.
With Love and Support, Darrel and Sue Doubleday, July 2014
Cassie Watter - "tile grouter extraordinaire!" We have known Cassie for about 5 years and found her to be very generous with her time and skills. Her involvement in community projects led to her being nominated and receiving recognition for her good works. We spent quite a bit of time over the last few years with Cassie and her daughters, and witnessed a loving caring relationship between this highly protective mother and her gorgeous girls.
Lynne & Bob Bartlett, July 2014
Cassie Watter
We first met Cassie about 7 years ago when the twins were about 3 months old, when Cassie brought the children to her parents' home where we were staying. Over the years Cassie has proved to us that she idolizes her children and always puts their health and welfare above anything. Cassie is a very intelligent lady, who would always make sure that the children obtained the right direction in life. For me Marjorie, I am very close to Cassie. We would go for walks, go out for meals together, go to movies and many other activities. Cassie has shown great strength and determination under the adversities she has endured for so long. Cassie is a true friend to us both.
Ken and Marjorie Haines, Family friends, August 2014